iPhone 7 128GB Gold | B Grade (Good)iPhone 7 128GB Gold | B Grade (Good)




Whats Included

  • 30-point quality inspection
  • Easy 7-day returns
  • Phone Only - Discounted accessories can be purchased separately 
  • No contracts or strings attached
  • Exclusive aftersales discounts

Network Compatibility

This phone is guaranteed to work with all New Zealand networks. 


Questions? Look Here!

When can I expect my order to arrive?

Your delivery time frame depends on your location in New Zealand. 

Once we receive your order, we will dispatch it the same day, if the order is received by 3pm Monday - Friday. 

We will send via the Courier Post network and their target delivery times are as follows:

• Residential / business delivery 1-2 business days

• Rural delivery 2-3 business days

What is the difference between the grades? 


All VERY GOOD grade devices are fully functional. They appear flawless at first glance. They have a few, very minor blemishes that are only uncovered upon close inspection and / or rotating them under the light. These blemishes are often found near the ports, corners or the Apple logo. 


All GOOD grade devices are fully functional. They may appear flawless at first glance. They may either have several faint, small scratches or a few longer, faint scratches on the screen. They may have light scuffs on their housing. They may have small dings, blemishes, and / or nicks which are often found near ports, corners or edges. A small percentage may have one slightly more pronounced imperfection, if they are in otherwise excellent condition. 


All FAIR grade devices are fully functional. They appear heavily used at first glance. They may have more pronounced, deeper scratches on their screen or housing they can be felt easily with a fingernail. Their housing may have numerous scuffs, scratches, dents or other abnormalities. They may have dings, dents and heavy wear on their ports, corners and edges.

No Touch ID / No Face ID

means the Apple fingerprint or face security access feature is not working, but the device is otherwise 100% functional. This indicates the home button or screen has been replaced. Due to how Apple configures these features, replacing the home button or screen may disable the service and cannot be restored.

Screen Shadow / Display Bruising

The device has light signs of previous screen imagery such as the keyboard or menu icons visible when the screen is white or mono-coloured. There could also be signs of bruising / colour patch on the display while view dark coloured imagery. This is due to the manufacture process for OLED screens and the device is otherwise 100% functional. It shouldn't get much worse and should not interrupt most activities such as playing games or videos or browsing the internet. We will always include actual photos of these.

Will my new device come with a warranty? 

Every device we sell or service comes with a 12 month return to base warranty. 

This covers any hardware malfunctions. We do not cover liquid damage, physical damage, dropping, impact or any changes to the software or hardware. 

I don't quite have the full amount, do you offer payment plans?

You'll be glad to hear that we offer interest free payment plans over 6 and 10 weeks.

Simply choose your preferred method at 'Checkout' and you're good to go! 

Better yet, your device ships right away, there's no waiting round until you've made the final payment.

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