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  • 6 months warranty comes standard with extended options available

  • Price shown includes the part, installation and GST

  • Premium quality parts (no cheap crap!)

  • 30-point pre & post service inspection comes standard on all devices we repair or sell! 

  • Receive your printable courier ticket via email.

  • Get 50% off on multiple repairs on the same device

Fast And Easy Laptop Repairs In Dunedin

At Phone Surgeons, we understand that your laptops are more than just devices – they’re extensions of our digital selves. That’s why we take the utmost care when providing complete repair and maintenance services to every laptop we handle.

Our Laptop Repair Services

Phone Surgeons is your one-stop-shop for laptop repairs in Dunedin, with a comprehensive array of all your laptop needs, including:

Screen Replacement

Don’t let a perfectly good device go to waste over a broken screen! We offer screen replacements from our extensive inventory of authentic parts.

Performance Issues

Laptops slow down over time from regular wear and tear. But with the cleaning and maintenance services we offer, they don’t have to! We perform the fastest and most reliable Macbook repairs in Dunedin by clocking your device’s performance and restoring it to its former glory with our expert staff.

Data Recovery

Data loss due to corruption or hardware issues can be frustrating – not to mention expensive to fix! Our team of professionals excels at fixing all types of data loss effectively and discreetly, with a high rate of recovery for nearly all cases.

Antivirus Management

We install the latest antivirus software for maximum protection. We also handle virus removal and maintenance services for devices that are already infected.

Hardware Repair

Our staff specialize in repairing, restoring, and replacing faulty hardware that has deteriorated from regular use, water damage, or other malfunctions. The physical repair services we offer are done with authentic parts and quickly for your convenience.

Battery Replacement

Replacing your battery is the most cost-effective way to preserve a laptop’s lifespan, and should be done regularly to save yourself from buying a new device.

With replacement parts in stock and experienced specialists on staff, we provide the most hassle-free laptop and MacBook Air battery replacement in NZ.

Laptop Repairs In Dunedin

All of our services are provided with excellence and professionalism in mind. Contact us today for a quote on your device, and we’ll have your laptop up and running ASAP!

When to take a laptop for repair

How do you figure out when the laptop needs servicing? If the laptop faces any of the following errors or problems, servicing is due, and you should bring it to us:

1. Cracked screen: It cannot be repaired by you and requires specialized tools and technicians. If you try to mend it yourself, then it may void the warranty that came with the device.

2. Suddenly shutdown: If the laptop shuts down unexpectedly, it can be a battery, hard drive, or screen problem. The best thing to do is try to backup all critical data and then bring it to us for further assessment.

3. Surface getting hot: When it is on, every laptop/MacBook seems to get warm. But if in any way, even after disconnecting and shutting it down, the body remains too hot, it is time to change the battery or get the battery compartment checked.

4. Keyboard not working: If cleaning does not make the keyboard responsive and you are positive that none of the keys is damaged, then there must be some internal issue.

Types of services we provide

The basic services that our service centre provides are as follows:

1. Recovery of data: It is possible that due to some issues, data is lost. Our centres will responsibly recover, if not all, then most of the data back.

2. Repairing hardware: With problems due to physical damage, we can provide repair services of all types.

3. Timely maintenance: We also provide maintenance services that require regular system updates that will help lengthen the device’s life.

4. Virus issue: One of the primary service provided by our servicing centre is installing an antivirus or removing it without actually harming the system’s data.

5. Replacement of parts: Sometimes it is common for the laptop to require specific replacements. We here at MacBook Air battery replacement nz centre can help you find the exact replacement.