iPad & Chromebook Repair For School

Getting a quote for your K-12 technology is quick and simple

Liquid Damage

Liquid damage to a iPad / Chromebook doesn’t necessarily mean that the device can no longer be used. With a little help from Phone Surgeons Repair, your student’s iPad / Chromebook will be up and running in time.

Sound / Audio Problem

Functioning audio is vital to a student’s learning experience. If a school-issued iPad / Chromebook is suffering from broken, muffled, or distorted audio, rely on Phone Surgeons Repair.

Faulty Battery

Don’t let a faulty iPad / Chromebook battery impact your students’ ability to learn. Depend on Phone Surgeons for quick, cost-effective battery replacement services.

Cracked Screen

Cracked screens are by far the most common type of damage we see among K-12 electronics. If cracked screens are hindering your students’ ability to learn, contact Phone Surgeons today.

Malfunctioning Software

Malfunctioning iPad / Chromebook software can make it nearly impossible for students to get work done. When you’re in need of a Chromebook tune-up, depend on the professionals at Phone Surgeons.

Camera Issues

When your school-issued iPad / Chromebooks are in need of camera repair services, count on the expert technicians of Phone Surgeons.